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Valley Spring Whitetail Ranch is the place to come if you are looking for a unforgetable hunt of a lifetime.  Located in the heart of the Hill Country, Valley Spring Whitetail Ranch has a diversified habitat for wildlife.  The property has mixed brush and hardwoods consisting of several oaks, mesquite, elms, pecans, prickly pear cactus and many other native plants.   Johnson Creek flows through the center of the ranch which provides excellent cover and water to the wildlife year round. 

We provide each hunter the opportunity to see numerous mature whitetail and select the buck that best suits his/her own personal trophy criteria.  You are welcome to hunt with any legal weapon.  Still hunting is the preferred hunting method having several enclosed blinds in place over numerous feeders and food plots. Blinds are large enough to accommodate up to four people or a film crew.The ranch has been under high fence for fourteen years and was hunted for the first time during the 2007-2008 hunting season. Within the first seven years of selective culling and providing free choice supplemental feed year-round, we produced tremendous antler growth and impressive body weight which continue to improve year after year. Valley Spring Whitetail Ranch has enhanced and improved the native deer herd through the introduction of genetically superior Texas whitetail bucks and does. We take great pride in our hunting operation and will make your hunt exciting and unforgetable.

Exciting and Unforgetable Hunting Experience

A Hunt of A Lifetime

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"I Highly recommend this Ranch!"

“I have lived in and hunted many areas of Texas over the last 15 years and thought I had seen most of what it had to offer. I was recently referred to the Valley Spring Whitetail Ranch by a friend I trusted and was not disappointed! After looking at the web site, I assumed that the pictures were those “one in a million” deer that we would never see. Not True! This ranch is well run and you can expect to see deer equal to or better than what is pictured. I took a few of my family members on their first hunt and we all filled a tag. I took my biggest Whitetail ever! I HIGHLY recommend this Ranch! Thanks Gary! -Joe Burbano - Austin, TX.”  

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